Our motto is: Will Design for Wine!

MichelleAndBeccaI’m Rebecca Ritz (on the right), owner of Bauerhaus Design, an online branding and design firm. I have over 15 years experience creating unforgettable brands, and for the last 10 years I’ve focused on helping wineries and other small businesses convey and promote their dream brand online.

I’m going to teach you how to grow your business using the EXACT same techniques that I’ve used to grow mine. And all of this valuable knowledge will be framed in terms of YOUR industry.

I’m passionate about the wine industry and am a frequent contributor to Midwest Wine Press. Plus, I often travel to conferences and trade shows to share my wine marketing experience and insights via workshops on branding, website strategy, wine label design, and more.

It makes me happy to teach wineries the strategies and tools they can use to get more customers and increase their sales!

I reached out to my marketing expert, Michelle Sciuto (on the left), to help me create the Power of Wine Marketing program for you. Because, guess what? Michelle DOES have a marketing degree. A Master’s degree in fact! Plus, she’s worked exclusively with small businesses for the past 7 years to help them meet their goals via customized marketing services.

Together, we’ve successfully guided over a dozen wineries and 100 other small businesses to achieve – and even exceed! – their goals in the past 10+ years.